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Sealmaster Brand

Sealmaster FireFoam FM | Intumescent Expansion Joint Seal

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The Sealmaster FireFoam FM is an intumescent expansion joint seal. The product is ideal for where large gaps exist between the door frame and wall construction, where conventional intumescent seals may not always be appropriate. In such cases Sealmaster FireFoam can be used to maintain the integrity of a fire compartment. FireFoam is an intumescent, dry foam joint filler which is quickly and easily fitted, requiring no adhesive or surface preperation prior to use. It is flexible and will accommodate movement, yet is durable and resistant to extreme environmental variations. It’s three main areas of application include expansion joints, other linear joints, around ducts or service penetrations and between the door frame and structural openings.

The expansion joint fire seal is made from an open-cell fire retardant foam, which is then coated both sides with an expandable graphite intumescent sealant, containing special binders which maintain complete flexibility. The linear gap seal functions as a filler for movement joints and can be compressed by 50%, therby enabling it to take the shape of the building joint its protecting. At approximately 180C, the intumescent coating begins to expand on the fire side of the joint. During this reaction, the fire resistant foam gradually compresses and is replaced by the expanding mass of intumescent graphite. Thus the passage of smoke, flames and hot gases are prevented from penetrating rapidly into the joint. The material is non-toxic and is completely unaffected by normal environmental conditions or atmospheric moisture. Installers need no special protective clothing for installation work.

Independent fire resistance tests to BS 476: Part 20: 1987 have proved Sealmaster’s integrity for a period of up to four hours. These cover pipe penetrations, cable tray assemblies and apertures in blockwork range from 20mm to 100mm. Report data is available on request, please call or email Firewise at +44 (0) 1223 839 727 or [email protected]

Brand: Sealmaster

Use Case: Fire

Applications: Walls & Floors

Test Certification: Fire Tested to BS 476: Part 20: 1987

Fire Rating: 4 Hours

Material: Open-Cell Polyurethane Fire Retardant Foam, Intumescent Graphite

Finish: Black

Fixing: Push Fit

Included: 1x Sealmaster FireFoam FM Intumescent Expansion Joint Seal

Length mm: 1000mm

Width mm: 10mm-100mm

Thickness mm: 10mm, 20mm, 30mm

Date Added
Sealmaster FireFoam Technical Data Sheet
18 October 2022
Technical Data Sheet

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Sealmaster FireFoam FM | Intumescent Expansion Joint Seal
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