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Schlegel 250x500 Transparent

Schlegel AQ21 | Aquamac 21 Seal

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Schlegel Aquamac 21 and the Aquatex seal is a very cost effective foam weatherseal that successfully seals against air and water. The Aquamac Seal also offers thermal insulation, sound attenuation and air tightness. Suitable for timber windows and doors.

Typically the seal is fitted into the frame rebate (head and jambs) as 3 cut pieces. Schlegel AQ21 is very easy to fit as it slots into space and can be joined with silicone sealant or welded in situ. Designed for rebates 2.7-3.0mm wide, Aquamac 21 seals gaps from 3.5mm to 5.7mm and is butt jointed at the corners. It can be used to create a compression or wiping seal.

Made with a unique combination of materials, AQ21 offers the highest standard of sealing function – even under extreme conditions. It provides unrivalled thermal performance, as it is unaffected by temperature variance and can operate under extremely cold and warm weather conditions. Backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Comprising of a resilient non-stretch, non-shrinking cellular core, Aquamac has a low friction non-grab outer sheath to prevent binding of windows and doors. This water repellent polyurethane foam seal also provides high durability and recovery performance and has an excellent memory returning to its original shape after a long compression. Compatible with cleaning agents, paint and stain proof, Schlegel AQ21 seal isn’t affected by rot, mildew, fungi, UV light or the ozone.

This Aquamac seal has been extensively tested by independently certified test facilities that clearly demonstrate its outstanding weather and acoustic performance. It has also been tested for durability, retaining its normal operational properties after 10,000 window and/or door opening and closing cycles.

Aquamac 21 is available in a white, brown or a black colour and is supplied per metre or in whole coils of 250 metres.

Brand: Schlegel

Use Case: Weather

Applications: Doors & Windows

Material: Polyurethane Foam, Polyethylene Film

Finish: White, Brown, Black

Fixing: Rebated/Push Fit

Included: 1x Schlegel AQ21 Aquamac 21 Seal

Length M: 1M, 250M Coil

Width mm: 9.1mm

Thickness mm: 10.7mm

Date Added
Schlegel Aquamac 21-89 Technical Data Sheet
12 October 2022
Technical Data Sheet

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Schlegel 250x500 Transparent
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