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Firechief Brand

Firechief | Optical Smoke Alarm – White, 62 X 37mm

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Product Code: BSD6FH

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The Firechief Optical Smoke Alarm is a small and compact detector with 10 year sealed battery. Fitted with TSE-Technology (Thermal Stability Enhancement), the alarm provides stability across a range of environmental conditions, reducing nuisance alarms whilst enhancing detection.

Using photo-electric detection method, this battery operated fire alarm is effective at detecting larger particles of smoke and more responsive to fire’s that begin with a long period of smouldering. It contains a pulsed infrared LED, which pulses a beam of light into the sensor chamber every 10 seconds to check for smoke particles.

The compact design doesn’t compromise it’s performance and it can send out sound and light alarm signal in the early stage of a fire, allowing enough time for evacuation and fire control. The product is designed for household or similar residential application use. It can be also placed near kitchen’s, as the optical technology makes the alarm less prone to false alarms from cooking fumes. However, it shouldn’t be installed close to poorly ventilated bathrooms as they are liable to false alarm when exposed to steam.

This Battery Operated Smoke Alarm is equipped with a large test and silence button for ease of operation, end of alarm life indicator and alarm silence button, ideal in non-emergency situations (nuisance alarms).

The Firechief Optical Smoke Detector has been tested and approved to BS EN 14604:2005/AC:2008.

Brand: Firechief

Use Case: Smoke

Model: BSD6/FH

Applications: Ceiling

Test Certification: Fully Certifired to BS EN 14604 : 2005 + AC: 2008

Fire Rating: N/A

Material: Plastic

Finish: White

Fixing: Screw Fixed

Warranty: 10 Year

Included: 1x Firechief Optical Smoke Alarm

Diameter mm: 62mm

Depth mm: 37mm

Sound Level dB: N/A

Test Button: Yes

Hush Button: Yes

End of Battery life Indicator: Yes

Power: Sealed-in 10 Year Lithium Battery

Date Added
Firechief Optical Smoke Alarm Technical Data Sheet
21 April 2024
Technical Data Sheet

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Firechief | Optical Smoke Alarm - White, 62 X 37mm
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