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How To Replace A Window Seal? | Window Seal Installation

Window Seal Installation

What Is A Window Seal?

A window seal is a rubber gasket which is typically installed in uPVC windows and can be installed in doors. You will find bubble gasket seals installed around the opening of a window or door.

Can Window Seals Be Replaced?

Yes you can. It tends to be more beneficial to replace a window seal than to undergo a window seal repair. The first step to a window seal replacement is to remove the old seal from the window. You can do this by pinching part of the seal and pulling it away. It should pull away quite easily. Once the old rubber seal has been removed, you will need to inspect the window frame for any obstructions. Once you’re happy with the window frame, you can then begin installing your window seal. Start in one corner and work your way along with the entire window frame. Repeat the above step for all four sides of the window frame until the window seal completely fills all four sides of the grooves. Once fitted you may find gaps in the window which can be sealed off with silicone sealant to create a complete system. Make sure you wait for the sealant to dry before operating the window.

What Causes Window Seals to Fail?

Temperature changes cause window seals to expand and contract, breaking them down over time. Alternatively, a process called solar pumping can occur which is where the sun shines down on your windows, causing the glass to expand and put pressure on the seal.

How Long Do Window Seals Last?

It’s a good idea to inspect your window seals regularly for any tears and to get them replaced every 5-10 years. Window seal replacement costs are fairly low, especially if you only need one window replacing.

How Do I Keep Cold Air From Coming In My Windows?

There are a number of ways to keep cold air from coming through windows that don’t just include installing window seals. This can include installing window film or alternatively installing insulated curtains if you find the window seals are not providing the insulation you require.

Window Seals

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